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Characters on TV have scripts, they have rehersals.  Odds are whatever you're watching has been pieced together from tens of the best takes to resemble a hopefully awesome finished product.  I will never be like that.  I will never be as cool as James Bond, or sleep with as many women as Barney Stinson, or fall in love with the perfect girl like Westly.

But I want all that.  Why?  Why do I want a group of close friends who share somewhere we can routinely go for a coffee or a beer?  Why do I want every problem to go away in thirty minutes?  Why do I want everything to be a meaningful lesson that always changes me for the better?  Because that is entertainment.  I don't want my life to be walking home to an empty apartment while I wait for the next work day.  I want every day to be an exhausting mess of grand sweeping gestures to the perfect girlfriend.  I wouldn't be stimulated.  

The people I spend the most time with are the people on TV.  The magical place where exciting things constantly happen to people, and the worst thing that ever happens to someone can be forgotten by the next season.  That's not my idea of cool.  When I imagine myself as someone else, I don't think of it as alone on the couch, partying with a fictional cast of two-dimensional stereotypes.  I think of myself as one of the exciting, fictional, two dimensional stereotypes.  

I would much rather be real, which leaves me with walking around with my iPod blaring in my ears while I ignore people so I can get to the safety of my room, where I'll sit with my sweatpants, my snacks, my booze and my pot.  Everything I learned about making friends in kindergarten suddenly vanishes when you're trying to be interested in the hobbies of strangers.  I always think that I could be more fulfilled alone, at home, but I'm not.

I know life takes hard work.  I know the easy route is to sit around, eating chocolate chip cookies and laughing with internet-friends and checking Facebook every six minutes to check the next engagement status or the next new baby message.  I know that I want to live that life, because running home to catch the latest episode where every problem is already sorted suddenly drains me more than the effort it takes to embarrass myself with someone else.  

I want TV problems.  I want to fly to Europe for a girl I just met.  I want to be there for a baby.  I want to hang out with friends in a bar somewhere and just be witty and catty for an hour.  I want to have a crazy bachelor party/graduation/strippergram/baby shower.  

I want change, and that terrifies me.  It will all work out, I'm sure, but I always feel that I'm going to wind up back on the couch, falling in love with a fictional life that I'll never have.  It takes work to go out and get the things you want.  Sometimes, the wildest desires are simple ones.  Even though they take hard work, they pay out - and even though this blurb is a grand gesture promising change, I'm going to go back to that fictional life.  I'm going to falter.  Because it's safe.  

But I'll see you on the other side some day.  When I'm successful, rich, live in a mansion with a cool car, and save the world on the reg.  Or, I could give up on being Batman and trying to become a normal guy.

Whatever the hell that means.  
Here's the thing, at least in terms of religion:

I was born Catholic.  I was baptised and all that.  But what actually got to me was not the decades of going to church and hearing the parbles and gospels of the 'Word of the Lord,' it was childrens books.  

Let me sum up - I was born in Ontario, but spent most of my life on Vancouver Island.  There's a Catholic church called 'The Church of the Ascension' halfway atwixt Qualicum and Parksville.  The church has services like any other church, but it's also got childrens books by the rectory.  Because, in my mind, I'm about six years old, I read all these books, which were all religious stories.  One of them was about Jesus.  I forget what it was about, but there was a young child who saw Jesus around town (Bethlehem or Jerusalem, or whatever.) and said that he looked like a regular guy... but his eyes - his eyes were the sweetest, softest, kindest, most sad eyes that she ever saw.

Fast forward five years, I've still got an inner-six year old, because I'm watching a Jay and Silent Bob movie called Dogma.  It's got Chris Rock in it - one of my favorite comedians - and he talks about Jesus.  There's a lot of talk about Jesus in the film, but this is what got me:  

"Imagine you're a twelve-year old boy.  You're told you're God's only son, but more than that, you're God.  How long do you think it would take to come to grips with something that huge?  Maybe, say, eighteen years?  In the bible, Jesus suddenly goes from age 12 to 30.  12 to 30.  Now that's some pretty bad story telling."

Now, in the plot of the movie, Chris Rock is trying to emphasize a different point.  The point still stands, though, that Jesus either was told, or knew of his end.  

That's what moved me.  The explanation of Chris Rock, the story of a little girl seeing Jesus Christ, and him having these sad, kind eyes, got to me.  The idea that Jesus (Yes, I'm on a first name basis, I think he wouldn't mind) is a nice guy who understood - even if he had to take some time to understand - the grand undertaking of his existence - I, in some small way, understand.  At least a little bit.  

In the interests of going full circle, let me sum up: I'm not Catholic - but I'm not an atheist.  I'm spiritual.  Jesus Christ may or may not have existed... but his spirit lives on in stories and parables, and the parables that represent him, his image, is that of a regular man in an older age realizing his importance in the grand scheme of things - maybe more than the importance that you or I may have, importance that took some time to realize and come to terms with, but importance nonetheless.  

My religious nature has become less structured and more tuned to deed rather than faith - Abraham Lincoln once said "When I do bad, I feel bad.  When I do good, I feel good.  That is my religion."  I think I follow that - I think I want to follow Jesus' example more than a belief in Jesus as a person.

I don't know why that is... I guess I'm inspired by him.  Or the idea of him.  Or the... whatever.

When I do good, I feel good.
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